I hate my life! I wanna die! The only reason I'm still alive is that I wouldn't leave my parents or my boyfriend behind! I don't want anyone to know because I trust no one! Is there anyway to get over depression without people knowing I'm depressed?


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Read your Bible and pray. That works for me. Think of all the things you are gratefull for. Your parents, boyfriend, that you have a place to live, food to eat, clothes to wear, etc.. Sometimes life is not fun. Sometimes I just go for a ride alone and listen to good music. There are a number of reasons not to commit suicide. Think of how your parents would feel or your boyfriend. Find someone you can talk to.
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You need help from people close to you your family and boyfriend you only get one chance at life its a gift and should not be wasted you hear stories every week bout young people have terrible accident and their lives are cut short they don't get the choice to continue life talk to someone online that has lost someone recent and see what effects it has on people and how you leaving might have a massive knock on effects maybe even some close members might not see the point in living on as well

there is nothing in this life so bad that its worth ending it seek help now and stop that. The bad ideas of suicide depression and not trusting anyone before its to late

Best of luck
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I had depression for a while... I still kinda do and I only wouldnt die because of my friends. And the 4 of my closest ones helped me through it... So I think you should tell your friends. I'm feeling waaay better now thanks to them :)
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I'm assuming that you are pretty young, maybe in your teens or early twenties. If that is the case, it might help you to know that because of the changes in your body, and the stage of psychological development, it is common for girls to get depressed. However, this very often passes as you grow into adulthood. And, I'm not sure why you don't want to tell people about this, since you might be surprised that they could be helpful. There are medications that can take the edge off the depression. I also suggest that you stop staring at computer and phone screens and instead go outside, to get plenty of sunlight on your retinas. I also suggest that you get involved in some physical activity, like a sport or vigorous daily walking. If you are still in school seek out the counselor or social worker there. Most of all, remember that in most people depression passes, and then you can make a great life for yourself.
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Not when you start having suicidal thoughts there is no way not without meds
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You don't need meds, its all to do with the way you think, change that, and you will beat it, after all, depression is what you think
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Look at the things you have, and not the things you don't. Thank God for them. Be grateful for everything. It's all about changing the way you think. I was really badly depressed for 10 years, this worked for me. :)
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If you don't want people to know then why are you putting it on blurtit? Anyway you can go to your doctor and get medication, it will be confidential so nobody will know.
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I suffered from depression and it was unbelievably hard but I found it best to talk to a professional. You need to tell your family and your boyfriend because they will support you.. Please don't bottle it in cause you will eventally lose your shit.

I have a friend that committed suicide about 2 months ago and only one other person knew he was depressed... Please don't let that be you.
Raise awareness and such things can be prevented...

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