Can anyone suggest or give me an idea about which one is better: green tea or coffee? Because I want to reduce my weight and mental depression.


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Both tea and coffee have antioxidants in them and both fight different things. Green green tea may lower risk for ovarian cancer, may reduce breast cancer risk and may decrease death rates from heart disease - definately points in the direction of being good for women. Researchers say green tea has more antioxidants because the leaves are less processed.

In the US tea is the less common drink and coffee comes up top. But coffee is not as bad for you as people tend to think. Coffee too has antioxidants and is known to help lower the risk of liver cancer, colon cancer, Parkinson's disease, type II diabetes, and gout.

Both tea and coffee as they stand are good for you its the amount of sugur,milk and cream you add to them which adds on those calories!

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Buddy, you are right and thanks for your information, recently I stated green tea and feels better now, I am purchasing this though teanaga.
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In my opinion coffee ... but hey we are all different.

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