I want to start a conversation with my crush, we're friends and I always start with "hey" or "hi" and he always has something to start with, and I feel like I'm so boring. My friend told me to send him an "I miss you" text. So please.. can anyone help me with other suggestions?


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Ok, so does this guy go to your school? Because if you see him everyday, maybe a "I miss you text" could sound a bit strange...

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Hey :D 

Don’t worry, many girls even really confident seeming
girls go through this, I sure do!

When you are having a boring conversation
you may feel like nothing really happening and you're not really enjoying

For me, I've always had a problem self consciously about being boring
and having nothing to talk about. There is always lots to talk about, I’m
usually a really chatty person so I like socialising with people real life and
online, you don't need to be the most confident social person to talk to your
crush and be interesting. 

For me I've always had this thing where I like to
know more about the other person so I like to talk abit about myself and ask
the person I'm texting stuff, usually things come to mind and 

I just write it
down don’t be too afraid to talk abit about yourself , funny times hobbies
likes etc. Just try to have some questions in mind because I'm pretty sure you
have some questions for him maybe .

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