Please friends help me I'm a girl and I start had a feeling with girl I don't know what to do.sometimes i cried alone. Even when i talk to my parents about this they didn't take it seriously.what to do?


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THANK YOU FOR NOT ASKING ANONYMOUSLY!!! You will get much more honest and caring answers by doing so. ☺ Here are my thoughts: 

Chances are you are experiencing what I like to call "a school girl crush" like a crush on your teacher. Don't read into it. Focus on school and your studies. You will figure things out the older you get.

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Well, have you been attracted to boys before, and now you are attracted to a girl? If so, it is probably just a girl crush. It is more about wanting to be like her or part of her circle than it is a romantic thing. For young girls it is a fairly normal thing. Now if you have been attracted to girls before then it could be a romantic crush. From here you need to find out how she feels.

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I feel you should date and be with whatever gender you want to date and don't let people bring you down cause you wish to date a person of the same gender. No parents won't believe it cause they are in shock but you want to be with who you want be with , some parents are old schooled , this is a new generation and times are changing from 50 + years ago there is not much you can do.

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If people can't accept me for being mentally ill than they can turn their back on me it's not my fault that the chemicals of the brain change it's something that happens i try praying about things but it's out of my hands.
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The girl whom I like is perfectly fine and don't want to date me
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Yes i see Music Lover , well best wishes on things.
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You come to terms first and then strike a balance. Crying hoarse will not help you.

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