i feel like dying?, so on instastory i found out that my 'close friend' is hanging out with this girl that i recently fought with, like..i'm actually gonna cry since im a sensitive person. i don't know what to do when sch comes around


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Walt O'Reagun Profile
Walt O'Reagun answered

Time to "toughen up" ... And stop worrying about "drama" that won't matter in the many years ahead of you.

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star gazing answered

Dying? I agree with Walter, you must KNOW: Absolutely nothing that happens now will matter in the future. For example, think about the times you cried or fought in kindergarten...back then it was everything you knew, but now, many years later, it does not affect you whatsoever. Apply that to now.

Also, try to think rationally...does your friend know you fought with her? Ask her why she’s hanging out, and tell her it makes you uncomfortable. But also keep in mind she is her own person, and while we get protective over best friends, she has her right to spend time with whoever makes her happy. You shouldn’t depend on one person to make you happy either.

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