Why Do People Take It So Personal When You Deny Their Friendship Requests?


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jacques slabouz answered
Wisdom comes with age...and (I don't mean to be rude)  young people just don't understand their reactions as well as us older folks
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Jandres, you hit it right on. I have it on my profile I don't like contact with the under 18. I think they see it as a challenge that maybe I'll want some child to talk with, and they're different. I wish they would start their own teen-age forum and leave us out.
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walter jedyk answered
Some get hurt easliy.
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Mike McCarthy answered
Some people are finicky. Some just aren't as nice as you think they are.  In this day & age, people take things personal nowadays.  Take it from me, I know.
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Um..some people automatically think that they have done something to offend the person who has denied their request, and then feel really bad. I used to be sort of like that but i'm not anymore.. Lol :)
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Some of them get very emotional about this type of cases. They are disappointed of people rejecting their friendship that they get upset and demoralized easily, and show their sentimental self in the form of anger and fury. They thought that they had already offended the other party in one way or another and feel quite guilty about their personal character. In this modern society, I have seen people like these types of character, who had failed in something that they put their utmost best at doing it, take it too personal, it controls their entire life and some even dwell in drugs or even attempt to commit suicide to alleviate. The pain and suffering that they must endure throughout their life .
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How about when they delete your friendship and not tell you why?
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Mike J
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If you must know, I deleted you by accident while I was cleaning my list; sent you another request.
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Well, I just think it's unfair to deny my friendship request when u haven't even given me a chance yet... I'm not some crazed Justin Bieber fan like most people think. And I think if u get to know me, you'll realize that I'm not half bad. But, whatever... I don't really care anymore. I'm done trying 2 be ur friend):
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Mike J
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Please look at my list - I have been here almost a year now (joined 11/27/2009) and only have 18 friends, I have great limits to who I accept.
Charice Miller
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Well, okay... I'm not gonna force u to add me. I don't really care anymore.

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