What are some cute baby names?


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Congrats for being pregnant :)
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Thank you, I'm lovin it :D Only problem is that I'm 16 and the father hates me because impregnant :( I mean it isn't only my fault! Anyway, I'm just trying to be stress free as much as I can through pregnancy. Thanks again :D
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I have named my daughter as Kayla which means pure. These were some names which I have shortlisted while searching names for my 2 months old daughter.

girl-Anna, Kayla, Jenna, Sarah

boy- Dylan is the name which I have selected for if my second child be a boy.

For searching I went through this site. It was very helpful to to me.


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Adley, Aisha, Andromeda, Cecily, Glory, Ivy, Natalia, Wilma etc...If you want to name your baby girl. You can see momion for more cute girly names.

If you want short one syllable names for girls, you can see this link.

There are also some article on boys names in this site, check it.

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Gerth, Berta, Maxxy, Regged.
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For a girl:
I like the name Evangeline. :) I think it sounds elegant and beautiful.
I also like Anya, Adrianna/Andriana, and Elise.

For a boy:
Jacob, Austin, Casey, Noah, Nick. :)
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Here are some really cute baby names for you and your child and new dad to enjoy. Hope you have fun sorting out wich suits your babies personality best.
Girl Names
  • Franchesca
  • Samantha
  • Michelle
  • Pauline
  • Jasmine
  • Alishia
  • Alice
  • Brincat
  • Jamie
  • Rina
  • Raliene
  • Bella
  • Olivia
Boy names
  • Joshua
  • Drake
  • Brandy
  • Ben
  • Tim
  • Thomas
  • Lauchlan
  • Spiros
  • Jamie
  • Dran
  • Danny
  • Docuala (Do-Cwall-A)
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Where did you come up with Brincat, Raliene, Rina, Lauchlan, Spiros, Dran, and Docuala? I've never heard them before!
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Meaning-Greek Princes
Meaning-Greek beauty
Meaning-Protector of men
Meaning-Latin beauty (or italian princess)
Meaning-English Light
Meaning-Herbrew god strengthens
Meaning-Protector of men
Meaning-English truth
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For girls..

Paiton (PAY-TON)
Paislee (PAY-Z-LEE)
Machaznee (MA-CHAZ-NEE)
Delainey (DE-LAIN-EE)
Chayse (CHAY-SE)
Kali (KAH-LEE)
Courtney (COURT-NEE)
Alexandria (ALEX-AN-DRIA)
Jessica (JESS-ICA)


Nicholas (NICK-OH-LAS)
Bradley (BRAD-LEE)
Chase (CHAY-SE)
Riley (RI-LEE)
Jacob (JAY-KOB)
Alexander (ALEX-AND-ER)
William (WILL-EE-UM)

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