Is Love More Than A Word?


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Love is not just a "simple" word that you can use to please the people around you. Love is more than just being affectionate, it also means sacrificing and it requires great patience and kindness.
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Love to me is not Just a word, but it means so much more than that, even though many people claim to know what love is all about, they don't even have a clue, because love is an action word and not something you just say. For example we know that "faith without works is dead" meaning that "faith is the substance of things Hoped for but, the evidence of things not seen" in other words you hope for something even though you haven't seen the manifestation of it. Well Love is the sme way, actions without love is dead. Without actions how can you truly show love? In conclusion we know that the definition of love is God. For God is love. Not only for being God, but for the actions that he shows towards us.
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WAY MORE than just a word
love is everything
love is what keeps you going and what holds you together
love is dedication
and a sacrifice
love is unconditional
it's the center of everything
it's that one feeling that people find to die for
love is amazing.
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I would think LOVE is more than a word because it is a really, really strong feeling/emotion that every one feels.
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LOVE YES IT IS MORE THEN 1 WORD BECAUSE ITS SHOWING YOUR emotion and your careing for other people and love is about family and freindship x hoped that help u !!!!!

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