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Generally we try to plan out the day so that we don't make any wasted trips, we map out the errands.. We can hit the hardware store on the way to the library.. Then from the library to a lunch spot nearest the grocery store than drop off videos on the way home that kinda thing plus my old car zoinked out so we bought a much more economic one.
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I do what I can  I drive a Chevy Prizm which is a small car.  I run as many errands as I can at one time in an attempt to limit the number of trips I take.  There isn't much in the way of public transportation where I live.  When I do have to run errands I plan my trip in advance so I start with the destination that's furthest from my home and work my way closer with each stop I have to make.  I also try to keep my car in good working order to maximize the mileage I get.  I do a lot of my grocery shopping online so my groceries are delivered to my apartment.  That saves me several trips each month.  
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I don't carpool to work because I live literally less than a mile from where I work. Takes me about a minute and a half to get there. I don't travel less, because regardless of the ridiculous gas prices, I still need to do what I need to do and be where I need to be. Yes, I have an economical vehicle.
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Everything is so close by, but we try to get everything in one trip. Our cars don't eat a lot of gas, but we got them to save money. My fiance drives for a living in his own car so he doesn't car pool. The gas has gone down here to just barely over $3 a gallon.
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Heck yes, and then some. I have not gone out of the house to drive or anything else, unless it is an emergency for months. I keep pretty busy online, and my car gathers dust (and you know what) sitting in the driveway. I am on Blurt it most of the time, but there is no sacrifice to large to make during these desperate times. Sometimes I wear pajamas all day, just to remind me not to go out. I don't want any praise or anything. Just a normal American doing my part to save Gas for the bedroom, and eliminate needless road rage.
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Pamela Krueger
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Just a thought....hmmmm...wonder if blurtit could start a new feature for the "stay-at-homers"....DELIVERY for food and drink or delivery of other blurters to our houses???? Just a thought♥
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That would be a nearly perfect world. It would also save me from the humiliation of looking like a crazed geek, when I go out to pick up necessities. Plaid shirt, crazy,' moon print,' pajama bottoms, & sparkly, yard slippers. With 2 pair of glasses on my head. Ugh.
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I stay home and do a lot more of the meals at home, we shop local instead of the big towns around us. I do have to go out weekly for my father, so we pick up all we need at that time, cuting out several trips my husband also started carpooling, they each have vans, so they take 4 and 5 people to work with them each week (an hour drive) but this allows them to only have to drive one week out of the month, instead of 5 vehicles on the road they have 1.
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WOW, you've got it down pretty good! Here in Phoenix when an employee carpools, takes the bus, rides their bike, or walks to work, they get their names put into a pool (through their employer) every quarter for prizes. It's a requirement of the EPA here to get more people to pay attention to the environment.
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Wouldn't say I'm doing anything special,just try to do as many things as possible in one area so as not to have to run here and there to handle what has to be done,it is a shame we can't just boycott and not have to use the darn stff this is ridiculous if I must say so, but public trans has gone up because of it and it is not the best sometimes you may have to walk for blocks to reach your destination after being dropped off,that is why so many have their own transportation....
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....sometimes very unsafe to take public transportation also! And if you walk somewhere after dark, you're taking your life in your hands! I HEAR YA!
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I save a lot not coming out to see you and Katie all the time!
Then I don't drive you home everyday after work!

Think was the last time we went parking on the Apache Trail, or skinny dipping at the reservoir!

If I'd done all that just look at the gas it would have cost me!

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