How can you tell if your boyfriend is going to breakup with you?


7 Answers

Jasmine Haha Profile
Jasmine Haha answered
He avoids you, acts different, possibly ignore you.
Kiara Harris Profile
Kiara Harris answered
He becomes very very distant even when you're together...he just acts very different and yeah ignores you to a certain extent
sabrina tice Profile
sabrina tice answered
You never really know. If you're concerned, just ask him. Sometimes guys go through phases where they'll become more distant, or just more complacent, in relationships, though it doesn't necessarily mean breaking up.  Best thing to do is ask.
Mary Asha Profile
Mary Asha answered
1.He starts ignoring you..
2.He doesn't call/txt you much..
3.He might give silly reasons to just not to meet you..
4.He gets irritated on you more frequently..
Steve Robinson Profile
Steve Robinson answered
You kept a secret from him - something he just hates... And he has found out by sheer fluke.  And he doesn't look happy to see you.
leeanzia Profile
leeanzia answered
He does want to hang out with you and he has interrests in other gurls

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