Should I break up with my boyfriend? He's switching schools and I'm scared he'll find somebody else which I don't want. I like him a lot and I'd still like to date him but it'll be hard.


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I think you should take the chance... Let your heart lead you. It doesnt matter what anybody else says fallow your heart. Look at it this way 1) you could go out with him still with a chance of things not working or 2) he could hurt you . Its a 50 50 shot and hard as hell to deal with. Just remember that if he does hit on another girl, he is to blind to see what he has right in front of him. :)
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Well don't break up with him until something does happen because you never know thats the scary part of love is getting hurt but don't break up with him cause nothing might not happen and if you feel like there is what I do to my boyfriend is I tell him how I feel and either he promises on his own or I will say promise me ... Wont happen and he promises and if he breaks that promise I will dump him and kick his ass
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You love him, so you shouldn't think about breaking his heart and dumping him. Try to stay together. If you feel that it's not right anymore, don't pry around for answers, search deep within and then make what you think is the best choice- to stay with him or break up. My boy best friend moved away last year and we have a relation ship like pen pals, but he often comes back to visit me and I admit- I have feelings for him. I confessed and we're now dating. Even if your boyfriend is halfway across the world, you would love him just as much if he's not a jerk. :)
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If it is truly love, it will find a way to work. Love might not, but true love, true love always prevails
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You should break up with him because once he's gone you will hit on someone new and just wish you would have broke up with him earlier.
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Most likely you will or he sees someone else or you do it it normally don't work out I am srry but its the truth :( trust me I have been through this more than once and learned my lesson

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