I am married and so is my ex boyfriend. We have constant communication and he says that he still love's me. I think I'm also in love with him. What should i do? I am hurting right now because I'd like to end the relationship but my heart say's no.


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Not judging but to me I feel like you will hear what you want to hear from your EX, Spouses: Wife/Husband, intends to forget that little things matters in a relationship. End the relationship w/ the ex-boyfriend. You should focus on your marriage after that, & if you aren't happy w/ your marriage, then leave. Don't break the marriage due to the fact that you didn't give it a "try" on making it work. If your not happy w/ your marriage, then leave the marriage. But remember this, Leave the marriage because you're not happy & that you're doing it for yourself. Don't leave because of an old lover telling you the things that makes your heart flutters. Reality Check. Good luck.

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Your heart says no? It sounds like your heart says yes, and your brain says no...

In cases like this, I would always try to get some advice from someone not "in the situation" because it can be hard to make a proper judgement when affected by emotions etc.. So you did a good job to come here.

Yeah I would say this kinda thing usually end badly because it's not easy to get a guy off your mind. In fact,  you're probably best off accepting he will ALWAYS be on your mind, the heart doesn't forget very easily...

But also don't forget the pain he caused. There must have been pain because he is your EX and so focus your mind on the reasons you guys split.

You could try hooking up and seeing whether the chemistry is still there I guess, but also think about whether this is a relationship with a future, or if he's going to be out of your life pretty soon, because you could be about to throw away the relationship you already have.

It's a tough call, I was in a similar situation so that's why I felt like I had to answer this but I can tell you that doing what "feels right" at the time doesn't always work out.

Good luck :-)

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Francesca Ortiz
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You're right. Doing the right thing doesn't always workout. I'm still in pain right now. Because I really love the person. But i know i have to end the relationship because were both have our own family. But can't stop thinking about him. There were times that i am tempted to talk or text him. I don't want to feel this way. I really need somebody to talk about this but of course my friend doesn't know this.
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Aww well stay strong and I am always around to help xx how come you cant talk to friends though? from my experience you will need yr best friends around for support through this
Francesca Ortiz
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Thank you so much! I am afraid to tell this to my friends, I'm afraid that they might judge and lose respect for me.
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Well I don't know.. It depends on how you guys broke up.. Cheated,Partying all the time... But If it was just not working out.. I wouldn't go back So Ur heart may just be Feeling Different then ur body saying no

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