My Ex Is Still In Love With Me And Won't Leave Me Alone. He Wants To Ruin My Life Because He Can't Have Me And Doesnt Want Me To Be Happy Unlesss Its With Him. What Should I Do?


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Well just like sit down and talk and just tell him that you don't want to be with him and to leave you alown and that if he really loved you he would wont you to be happy even if it wasnt with him
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You have to settle this matter by consulting with your family members. Your new friend should also take part in it. Tell your ex politely that you won't be together now. Make him realize that you are not a part of his life now. If he still remains on his position then you have to take legal action on that. Such persons sometimes are very harmful and they do whatever they say.

Also marry the person you like as soon as possible. Then he will not be able to do anything because then you will be a pair and you can take legal action if someone harasses you.
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he has a problem getting over things and he has to work it out. YOU unfortunately might have to put up with the inconvenience, but if it becomes stalking you have the law on your side. YOU best bet is to refuse all contact don't answer don't listen, don't stay.

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Thank you for the advice.
Another thing has happened, I have just found out that my ex's nan died wednesday night. I was very close to her, I want to go to pay my respects but don't know if is right.

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