I'm Pregnant And My Boyfriend Broke Up With Me For Another Women. He Still Says He Loves Me And He Wants To Be With Me When The Baby Is Born. What Should I Do?


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Turn to god, Put your trust in him. And I promise everything will soon fall into place. A man that does not know the love of god won't love you, anyone around him, he doesn't even ove himself. They're lives are unorganized. But god will organize; rearrange and make everything better for you. Trust in him he won't let you down. God bless
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I have been with my child father 5 yrs. We broke up February 19, 2010 and he have a girlfriend already. I just want my family back and for him to leave that girl alone. She became his girlfriend the day after we broke up. His sister hook them up because she don't like me. I just want him to grown up because I have 2 kids before him and they miss him. We have 1 child and another on the way by him. The other female have 4 kids and the kids not his plus she give him money and let him drive her car while she at work. What should I do when I just want my family back 2gether.
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If I were you I wouldnt get back together with him beacuse he says he wants to be with you but if he really wanted to be with you he would be with before you had your baby.plus the baby is probley more than he can handle anyway

  get better love beacuse your worth it
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In this situation someone has got to be the Grownup: I doubt if the "boy" who is going to be a father is adult enough to realize he's created Life, a new innocent baby, with a life long set of needs and obligations. I hope you are. You see, from here on in, it should really be about what is good for the baby. Take responsibility and shelter the newborn from the tacky circumstances that ol' dad is setting up, no good can come of it. Take the high ground and raise the baby without him, in a house full of love and caring and not cheating and lying.
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Well he says he loves you but remember he left you for another woman the way he says he wants to be with you when the baby is born is kinda crazy....seeing as though he doesn't want you now is because as everyone know you can't  have sex when you are pregnant so he is most likely using the another woman for sex...but if he loves you like he says he does he should be able to wait for you if the love was so strong. So look at it like this wen the baby is born and he does want to be with you again what are the chances that he still isn't going to b with the other woman...really its saddening me to hear what you wrote but look has it ever occurred to you that he might just wanted you for sex and seeing as though that's his baby he's going to have to love the both of you and  leave that other woman alone now before the baby is born...tell him if he really even loves you!!!!!
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Ok so to who ever said you can't have sex while pregnant is an idiot of course you can have sex while pregnant, its actually really good for your body and muscles down there. How ever if you want to keep the baby, thats your decision. Frankly if he treated you poorly and left you for another woman Id say keep the baby let him be involved but chances are he will cheat on you again, why put yourself and your baby in that situation of mistrust and lies.
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If he's broken up I don't believe that he would come back..anyhow good luck to you.
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If you still love him and you can forgive him, you should try to do something to make him stay with you, or, let him go! To be frank, such a person is not worth your love. Since he broke up with you for another woman, is it true that he says he still loves you, even when you are pregnant? He shouldn't leave you alone now! OK, maybe there's another possibility, he doesn't want your baby at the moment, and he's with another woman just for sex. If you think he still loves you, you can talk with him sincerely and ask him why he acts like that to see whether he tells the truth.

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