What Should I Do If My Boyfriend Doesn't Love Me Anymore And I'm Pregnant And He Doesn't Want To Tell Me The Truth?


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Firstly, being pregnant can result in you having a cascade of emotions which can effect on your judgement. I am not telling you that you are wrong, but I am merely making you aware that pregnancy has known to produce a bit of paranoia.  Talk to him openly and frankly. Express your feelings and your suspicions. Hopefully, he will be able to allay your fears and give you the support you need.  If however, he admits that he doesn't love you, then isn't it best to know for sure and this way you can concentrate on your baby.  Even if he doesn't love you, that does not mean he wont love and support the baby or yourself during the pregnancy.  Worrying about it will only eat away at you and that is not good for the prospective mummy or her baby. :)

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