How do you break up with someone without hurting there feelings?


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jenn rose Profile
jenn rose answered
There is no easy way to not hurt someones feelings.. I will tell you this it hurts more when you lie and go behind someones back because you really don't want to be with them anymore but don't know how to tell them..  Sit them down now in person and tell them how you feel honestly that person will eventually get over it and respect you for your honesty
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Mia Vann answered
You tell them nicely that u just wanna be friends and tell them not to worry about it and hopefully they will understand and after u do that make sure you hang with that person becuz she\he is still ur friend and that way their feelings aren't as hurt and then later on everyones happy
sunil kumar Profile
sunil kumar answered
Its to diffcult my friend start with ignore him
karen lopez Profile
karen lopez answered
Well theres one way u shouldnt do it is telling another person to tell your boyfriend/girlfriend you dont want to go out with them anymore the easiest way is telling them u think u should just b friends nd tell them the reason y
Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
There is no easy way nor good time for this is you just do the  best you can and be honest and move on

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