My Mother Gave Up A Son For Adoption In 1969, Says She Can't Remember The Date He Was Born. I Have Searched And Found What I Thought Was My Brother, But The Adopted Family Says He's Not The Same One. Can You Lead Me In The Right Direction? Thanks


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Do you have a state, and a hospital name? What race is your mother? I am an adoptee born in 1969.  I'm sure there are many others out there as well.  You will have to give a few more details than what you have given, if you are going to find your brother.  I will check back for a responce.
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She may very well not. Her mind may have blanked this out due to trauma. Tread very carefully.
My 'birth brother who was born to my mother in 1968 tracked my mother down via a website "Gene's Reunited". He lives in the Uk and is now 43 and we now live in Australia. I am 36, he was adopted out at birth. He has come over to Australia twice now with two different women, both times he has had no money and has placed and asserted himself as a member of our family. This has caused upset within our family and I have now told him I want him to get counseling (he previously refused counseling through social services when trying to find his adoptive family so they blocked him from going further, I now know why), that I don't see him as a 'brother' and that it's fine if mum, my sister etc want contact with him but its not a relationship I want to pursue. He has tried to basically have me ejected from my family, started talking about inheritance and how much my parents house is worth etc and its all too much. Can I please implore people when seeking out birth families to ensure they have the required counseling. This is a very delicate area one most people would seldom have role models to follow for guidance regarding the situation and I can now see why agencies are so strict regarding information and reunions and counseling etc. What starts as initial elation and curiosity can become messy and painful for all involved

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