What Does He Mean When He Says I Love You, But I'm Not In Love With You And I Wanna Be With You When The Baby Is Born


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Hi, I think he means, what he says. I hate hurting your feelings, because I know being a Mother to Be, these are stressful times for you. I wish, I could explain this to you another way, but it is no easy way to make you understand what he is trying to tell you. It is unfortunate that you are having a Baby for this man. He only wants to be your friend, never your Husband. He will be there for you, to take of your needs, but not your wants. He is preparing you for the total reality, which he is the Baby's Father and a good friend to you and that's the type of relationship he wants to have with you. Do not think you are going to be together as one big happy family. It is just not going to happen. Now is the time to focus on you and your Baby, not him. May God watch over you and your Baby and keep you both safe and happy. Take care!
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Well, health lady pretty much took the words out of my mouth. I hate to tell you this, but at least he was honest. Most men play games, so he was man enough to tell you that. I'm surprised. I know you are probably upset, but it's better than him going around cheating on you, but it sucks that you laid up with him and you guys produce a baby. That's messed up. But keep your head up, and pray for a mate that'll be "in love with you." a lot of women get upset when a man says he loves her and they take the word love as a different meaning. I have female friends that love me because I am real and generous with them, but they aren't in love with me. So at least he was man enough to say this instead of you wanting to kill him for cheating on you. I know when a woman loves a man, SHE really loves him. A man can love you for the wrong reasons. Not all, but most, and both you and I know that reason. So, be strong and act as if you are not interested in him and focus on your baby and you'll meet someone who's compatible for you. I wonder why he didn't tell you this when he was getting some? That's what should concern you. He was truthful with you, but he waited until he got some from you. That sucks. Pray on this and may god bless you in all your endeavors.
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He loves you. He loves his dog, he loves his mom, he loves his....
But, he's not in love with them.... There is a big difference. He will be there, but not for the close emotional relationship of husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend. He loves coca-cola too, but he doesn't love you. He wants to help with the baby...let him. With time that which you used to have...may return. Don't press or pressure him...or he'll be gone, gone, gone. Let him be the father he wants to be.

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