I'm Married 32 Years, How Do You Cope When Husband Says He's In Love With 2 People?


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I'm impressed with your husband. He must care allot about you to tell you that he loves someone else rather that cheating behind your back. That also means he wants your support or at least your patience and understanding. If you have been married for 32 years would it be all that great a sacrifice to listen to him and help him? Good luck
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He is a greedy incensencative b....d, he is cheeting on you and doesnt give a damn,tell him that you want a divorce and that you can do a lot better than him,
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Jeremiah Southworth
You ever stop to think that maybe if he's cheating that maybe there is a reason? Don't get me wrong. I don't think cheating is OK for anyone at all. But if you're husband of 32 years is suddenly cheating on you there is a reason. It really pisses me off that men take heat for cheating but when women do it it's OK because "He just wasn't there for me. He didn't give me what I needed emotionally" or some other random crap like that. It's a shared problem, and the blame is shared equally...
Jeremiah Southworth
... If you're partner is cheating, male or female, unless there is something seriously wrong with them, chances are you screwed up someplace. And Hilary how many times have you been married? If it's either less than or more than once, which I suspect it is, you have no place to offer advice.
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He must be an Irishman, then.
Best to offer him 2 shovels, and then tell him to take his pick.
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He admitted to an affair to you! And by him saying that he loves you both he is saying that he does not plan to stop seeing her! That is not good, he is blatantly cheating on you. That's no kind of marriage, and what kind of respect for you could he possibly have if he expects you to be understanding of him being sexually and emotionally involved with another woman? I know you might want to save your marriage but in the end I think he might leave anyway, and even if he doesn't you will be drained of your happiness and peace of mind. This is unhealthy!
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Maybe he is seeking advice from you, because he has no one else to turn to. I can't believe he is openly admitting this, it must be hurtful but really, atleast you know so that you can decide what your going to do. Wouldnt it hurt more finding out from someone else other than your husband & then having to comfront him? Still him telling you does not make it okay, so you need to put your foot down and tell him get right, or get out my house!
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I hate your going through this talk to your pastor at church and then you need to leave him get on match.com and start dating again life to short to be with someone that doesnt love you enough to be only one in his life you knew inside something wasnt right now that hes confirmed your intuition you should get on with your life without him sad but true I'm sorry for your lost
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I cannot accept this kind of thing.I cannot share my husband with another woman. I would rather to be alone, because if I stay with him, I don't think I can trust him as I used to .
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I am a blond, I am not sure I understand the question?32 years and you have not lost your mind yet,your on a roll !
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I'd highly recommend that you and your husband sit down and read two books together. The first is "The 5 Love Languages" by Gary Chapman. The second is "The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands" by Laura Schlessinger.

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