My Girlfriend Is Married, How Should I Know She Does Not Love Her Husband?


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Believe me I have been down this road a few times.  You know in your heart if she loves you and it really does not matter if she loves her husband or has sex with him.  You are the other guy.  You are the intruder in their relationship.   So just enjoy your time with her and know that she may never be able to Marry you or spend all her time with you alone.  Your other option is to break it off and move on.  I would recommend you find another girlfriend first before taking this option.
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I am not ganna preach you why are you with a married person because you asked a question, and I am sure she is even if she tells you she totally doesnt and that she is not having sex or that she hates him etc...
She is not telling the truth, we see married people leaving each other for all kinds of reasons, why is she still married to him?? I know why because she enjoys the idea of having to men in her life.
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I guess you will never know 100% . You just have to trust or not . If you never trust any body you will never get hurt , but you will never really love some body ether .If you trust some body and you get hurt at least you loved some body . So it is up to you . Trust your feelings !
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I'm dating a married woman. Our situation is sort of unique, but too long to go into here. People cheat for a variety of reasons.  I know my GF loves me, but she won't leave her husband now for several reasons. It hurts, but we do the best we can with things the way they are.  I know that one day we will be together and I am prepared to wait for her. You have to decide if the relationship is worth the pain/heartache for you.
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I think that you should end the relationship, only because there is nothing but heart ache for you....good luck
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She doesnt seem to love anyone not even herself. Honesty is very important in love when you care for a person you don't lie or cheat you let them know that your feelings have change and allow each other to move on. Wouldnt you want that instead of being cheated on.
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Probably because she cheating on him with you and if she tells you that she doesnt love her husband you should believe her if you really like her it also depends on your two feelings for each other
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She still does, and she wont leave her husband for you. I dated a heartless married bitch for 2 years before I realized the truth.
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Fooling around with married women is risky and even dangerous. Also if she cheats on him she'll cheat on you YES! I know your the one she would never cheat on you lol lol .There are millions of women in the world, have you ever considered dating one of the single ones? Married women are great aren't they low maintenance and no commitment. So who did her present spouse steal her away from? Think about that!
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Ive read all the posts above and some make sense, some just don't. I can
speak from experience in saying that I have been in a relationship with
a married woman for nearly 2 years. It all started at work, and
blossomed from there. She talks about the things he doesn't give her,
and some of the issues they have, but she still is right there with him.
Here what I think is the bottom line. If she loves you or claims to
love you, then she will show that in and out of work. She will do the
things necessary to be with you. I do realize that when kids are
involved, that makes things different. But again, things could be done
if you both are serious about having a real open relationship. My advice
would be, if it happens, go with it for the short term and be honest
and open about your wants and needs. If she is resistant to making
changes or stay with him, then its time to see the big picture and
realize she just isn't leaving her comfort zone, or perhaps she really
is still in love with her husband and you have become the odd man out.
Sometimes the writing on the wall is right in front of you, and all you
have to do is stop and read it.

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I have this kind of relationship as well. She's now working overseas with her husband and I am left here in our country. Everyday you will you are always threatened. Everyday you are frustrated esp when she is not talking or chatting with you. Whenever her husband is around, there are lots of things that popped up into your mind. But still you have to assess yourself if it still worth hurting for,

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1.If she regularly thinks about n phone you.
2.whenever c get free time she doesnt feel discomfort on calling you.
3.If she talks nonsense about her husband.
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OK THERES  a couple things wrong wid that sentence she married and she wid you but still married thats not right her keep letting her HUSBAND (THats NOT YOU) thinking she loves him now thats low and if he found out hed be crushed and if it was me I would be on the ground bawling id be hurt why don't you go wid someone SINGLE AND THAT mean no one married hun not trying to be mean hope it works out
god bless!:)

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