I'm In Love With My Girlfriend But Our Sexlife Is Not Great, She Doesn't Turn Me On But I Do Love Her. Do We Have A Future?


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In my opinion, if you are cheating on your girlfriend, then you really don't love her . If you love her you would talk to her about what is lacking in the relationship and try to fix it , if it's not fixable you must move on instead of breaking her heart when she eventually finds out you are cheating on her!!!
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It's hard not to question your act of deceit or belittle your action. With that said you need to talk to each other(likes, dislikes, an so on). Remember talking is the key to any relation. If you real like this person you need to drop the other girl or let this one go.
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It sounds like you are building this relationship on sex,tell your friend what you like that pleases you and don't forget to ask her if you please her this is a conversation you should have with your girlfriend instead of leading her on,this is the problem with relationships"communication" If you confess to love this person,how can you not talk with and to her,you don't want this to work or you would discuss your problem with the relationship to try to come to a happy medium,you have cheated and this is how you feel you should resolve relationship issues,you will continue to cheat,she needs to find someone that appreciates her other qualities.
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For all of the people on here who said, "She needs to grow up," or, "She needs to step up her game," that is NOT TRUE! If someone feels uncomfortable having sex, then they shouldn't be pressured to. If you loved her truly, then you would want her to be comfortable and happy, not ashamed. And how can you live with yourself, knowing that you are cheating on her with another woman for sex ONLY! If I were you, I'd re-evaluate the situation and put your morals in check. Your girlfriend should not feel like her goal in life is to sexually please you! Have you heard of a thing called love without sex? It's very real. I'm sure your girlfriend is a wonderful person, and she deserves better.
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Of course sex is not everything it's how you feel about the person if you love her it won't matter
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If you love her as much as you say you do tell your girlfriend the truth.
But you don't need to have sex just to have a girlfriend. Maybe she isn't ready to have sex yet. She might or will be ready when she thinks she is.
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You must be joking.  How can you say that you love your girlfriend and at the same time you say that you are sleeping with another woman?  You are cheating on your girlfriend.  You can't love her if you do something like this to her.  So what happened the previous year before you got involved with this other woman?  Did you think that the sex was good before this new woman came on the seen or what.  Maybe she is inexperienced and don't even know that she is boring you in bed.  Why don't you tell her?  Maybe she would surprise you.  She can't read your mind.  Tell her what you want and who knows maybe she think that you are boring as well.  How would you know?  I would tell her about the other woman because she's going to find out about her eventually and then you can be very lucky if she decides to stay with you.  Well this is my opinion.
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So let me ask you this: How long do you expect to be living this lifestyle of balancing "loving" your girlfriend and sleeping with other women to satisfy your sexual needs? In the end, something is going to happen. You may end up finding a sex partner that you actually fall in love with, meaning you would probably leave your girlfriend. You're cheating on her, that shows how happy you are. I don't think it will last too long, it will eventually cause a drift in the relationship
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When you say you love her but cheated I assume you mean you love her in the manner that we should all love each other. If there are problems that the two of you cannot overcome, do her a favor and leave. Everyone deserves to be happy, even if she loves you, she'll get over it. It is too much stress to keep up a lie. If you base sexual satisfaction over love, she may even send you a thank you card for hitting the road.
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She deserves someone ten times better than you. How could you do this to your girlfriend that you love, you're a joke. You don't deserve any girl if this is how you treat them. Can I just ask one thing, are you contuniung to have a sexual relationship with your girlfriend as well as this other girl? I hope she finds out what her boyfriend really is like and that she moves on to find someone that loves her and treats her the way she should be treated.
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Okay just shut up how can you say you love her when you were sleeping with someone else... Sex isn't the only thing in a relationship you know. You should be ashamed of yourself...
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How about you try to teach her things in the bedroom? Or play little games to teach her? Or maybe she is just too shy right now to show you her true freaky side. It's going to take some time but things will change!
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You can still have a future with great sex life is not all about sex but don't get me wrong all people need good sex. Just tell you girl that she needs to step up her sex level and find out what's wrong.
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YOU don't love her because you wouldn't be sleeping with some one else.Tell your girlfriend that your cheating or move on.Yeah you might hurt her feelings but at least you'll get it off your chest.Think about it or don't think about it at all......
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Well no you don't love her because if not you would not be with another women what you have to do I talk to her about it and tell her the truth no secrets
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How bout you tell her you're sleeping with someone else, then she'll really see how much you love her...
If you loved her you wouldn't be sleeping with someone else.

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The relationship is nothing without trust.. you've broken her trust on you... But in your situation this relation have no future.
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Yo dog I no sex is awesome but you shouldn't be cheating on your girl
she trusted you and you disieved her
you don't love her
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Do the right thing and break up. If you are cheating on her you are not doing her or yourself any good. My wife cheated on me but I hung in there. I now have a sexless marriage or limited in that dept but I never cheated back on here. What happens if she finds out? Do the right thing and tell her and stay with her or break up with her.
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Yeah, it sounds to me like it's less about your sex life, and more about what you want in a relationship. I don't think you are ready to commit right now. If I were your, I would try my best to exit this relationship as painlessly to your girlfriend as possible- and re-evaluate your romantic life. Find someone who is compatible with your standard of open-relationships. If you have a need to seek other sexual outlets if your "love" relationship is not up to perfect par...your partner has a right to know.
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Are you still together? Or has she found out what you've been up to? I hope for her sake that you have told her or she has found out, being cheated on is the worst thing ever.
However if you are still together, the only advise I can give you is that if you love someone you'll do anything for that person and you can overcome any obstacle that life throws at you....and you should come clean.
If you truly want to be with your girlfriend you should re-evaluate your actions, and realise that what you have is much more important than cheap thrills with another meaningless girl.
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you will only have a future if you let it happen yourself. If you can not stick with her yourself then there will be nothing there for the both of you later in life.

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Talk to your girlfriend and get her to try new things tell her what you enjoy teach her how to please you if she is willing to try then stay with her
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You can still have a relationship regardless of a poor night in bed, and may be thats also an opportunity to spend more time together and focus more on whether you guys are really compatable.

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