My Girlfriend Doesn't Get Turned On Anymore. She Doesn't Even Like Me To Try To Kiss Or Touch Her. What Do I Do?


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Jacob answered
This certainly is not a fun time for you, but also remember this is probably not a fun time for her either. I would ask her if there is anything going on in her life that she would like to talk about you with. If there is not anything which is keeping her back emotionally such as outside influences, then I would ask if there is anything you could do to be more helpful in the situation. Sometimes people just need their space; yet, it can be confusing when your partner does this without first telling you what is going on. Try to rebuild the way your relationship started. Try to be sweet to her and let her know you are there for her. The rest you have to leave in her ball court. I hope this helps you man.

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Javen Martinez answered
I would assume that you're not doing your 'job' right and should probably do some research on how to please a woman ( Cause if shes not getting attention or what she wants (sexually) from YOU then shes going to start looking for 'boyfriend number 2'
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Blow on her neck and kinda like sit her on your lap den you will get a boner and she will no your turned on den she will get turned on

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