When should I kiss my girlfriend? We know each other pretty well. I asked her how fast/slow she wants the relationship to go, and what are her boundaries on like kissing and stuff, and she said she doesn't mind. We have both never kissed anyone before.


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Ask your parents ... Then ask HER parents

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A movie is a lousy first date, IMO.
Your first few dates should be getting to know more about the person ... which means talking to them. Which you can't really do during a movie.

But if you're going that route ... you can try to hold her hand, before entering the theater. If she doesn't want you to, then don't attempt to put your arm around her.
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Well we've been friends for years before this so we both figured we know eachother pretty well. Im gonna take her to see a movie she wants to see and then a meal afterwards. I asked her what she wants to do and she said i dont mind..someone suggested as a first date for a teenage couple to go out for a movie and then meal afterwards which is what im gonna do.
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Im just worried that she said she doesnt mind what i do and doesnt care if we.hold hands or kiss or not and i move to kiss and she doesnt want it..that would be awkward
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Ahh, yes... The first kiss. 

Well, as important as it is... "IT" needs no planning.  That opportunity should be taken when the opportunity arrives.

If you put too much thought and planning into it... Then 'it' becomes a 'thing' (which is awkward and uncomfortable).  A kiss shouldn't be more than it is... And what it is... Is a show of affection.  So when you are ready to show her, and you think she is receptive... Then plant one on her.

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But how do i know when its the right time? What if i feel it and she doesn't? And any first date tips. Am going to see movie. Should i hold hands and put arm round her? And how much attention should i give her but not too much to distract her from the movie.
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And how do i kiss properly? I've never done it before

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