I want to ask this girl out. We both like each other. The problem is she is my first real crush and I have no idea how to ask her out or what to do if she says yes. She doesn't even know I like her back. What do I do?


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Talk to her. You can't start a relationship without face to face conversation.

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Elias Lourenco
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I was going to ask her today, then my friend pointed out a crucial flaw in my plan... The definition of ask her out! Do you have any good 1st date ideas? I've got nothin', and I would rather ask her if she wants to be my gf (at my age its not so serious, if you're dating they're basically your bf or gf) after a nice and very enjoyable date then randomly at school, even if it works either way we'll both enjoy it more if I put in a little effort for a good real first impression.
Elias Lourenco
Elias Lourenco commented
It's over and it went VERY well. Thanks!
Ancient Hippy
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Awesome, glad things went well for you Elias.
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It is this simple...

You: Hey ____. I was wondering if you would like to go _____ (get a coffee, to a movie, got to a school event/sport)

Her: That sounds like fun. Sure I would like to go.

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Elias Lourenco
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I was (am) scared of pretty girls and startin' conversations, oh my friend i'm turning green! This song is me.
PJ Stein
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Everyone is nervous. Even the pretty girl. You just have to push past it. The only way to have a regret free life is take those opportunities.
Elias Lourenco
Elias Lourenco commented
Yeah, I'll probably ask. When is the question. I'll try to show and not tell that I like her at first so she is ready when I ask her out.

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