My girlfriend doesn't want sex. She hates the idea of it. We are both 17 and I've told her I want sex but she said she will never have sex and I don't want to lose her as she is an amazing girl. What should I do?


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She is 17 years old, not 37. At this time in her life, she doesn't want to have sex. The girl is normally the one left holding the bag should the contraceptive not work; the price of having sex is high for a girl, so my suggestion for you is to back off. If you just want a sexual partner, break up with her so you can find a girl more sexually compatible.

If you value this girl, if you trust this girl, if you love this girl, then show her by dropping the subject of having sex. She doesn't want it right now.

In addition, make you whenever you have sex, you glove up each and every time. The girl also needs to have her own protection. No exceptions, no excuses. A baby is forever. Respect yourself enough to remember that.

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You say you don't want to lose her as she's an "amazing girl" the fastest way to lose her would be to pressure her into doing something she really isn't ready for .....yet. If you do, she'll resent you. Plus, if she's that "amazing girl" she's worth waiting for....dontcha think?

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I hope you realize $ex is not something that we just do it, a physical contact follows to be prepared physically & psychologically & also it requires a good vast knowledge about each part of the topic. Beside that I would say 17 is not suited to think about physical contact but it's a common thing, because your hormones is kicking you hardly & your curiosity of the possible joy that it would bring is killing you. But believe me, without a good knowledge & without being ready for it, it only harms to the partners. Another point is, in a physical contact, female is the only crucial side, (i'm not saying male's feelings aren't important) but a male's system is automatically high & ready to provide, but it's crucial that how a male follow instructions of a female & fulfill her needs. 

Your girlfriend is the only person who can ask for a physical contact, if she don't enjoy it , the contact is useless, so right now, if she don't want it, & you don't wanna lose her, then what you need to do is to learn how respect a lady & how give her the space she needs & also follow her will as exact as she wants. Otherwise you'll harm your relationship, if you push a girl for physical contact, you'll lose her, if you couldn't resist your  feelings in battler of respecting your girl's request/will/decision/, you'll lose her.

if your relationship is empty of a certain love, I assume you better end your relation, cause if you would be in love enough with that girl, you wouldn't give yourself a second thought to ask such a question.

"What do you when your girlfriend doesn't want to make a physical contact with you? The answer is simple: I'll do anything she wants, I love her, & if she don't have $ex with me forever I would be okay, cause I want her for who she is, not for physical attractions.

Her general idea about this topic might change at anytime, but right now she don't want it & you're gonna deal with it & keep her or otherwise you're gonna need to end your relation with her.

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What is it you think you need to do. So she's 17 and doesn't want to have sex, so what?  I don't care how much you think you are a good friend to her, this is absolutely none of your business. Just because there are so many teenagers who prove (to themselves and the rest of us as well) on a regular basis that they are sexually active, why can't someone decide to NOT BE sexually active.

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Like she never wants to have it? Is there a reason? Maybe she's not ready, scared, has religious beliefs. Try talking to her maybe??

Personally, I couldn't be with someone who doesn't ever want to do 'it' EVER! Maybe she'll come round when she is good and ready

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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

My friend, you have a serious decision to make here but if this girl is as amazing as you say, then this decision is an easy one. Sex isn't all its made out to be and relationships should not be based on sex but other things that with time you'll understand.  Don't pressure her into anything as its a sure way to lose her real quickly and let the relationship run its course at her pace. This is what a real man and gentleman would do here and these guys are a huge rarity in todays world so best to honor her wishes here and just be patient. Good luck

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Don't pressure her. If you love her, show her some respect. You said she's amazing, you don't want to lose her, right? Sex is clearly not on her mind, back off or risk losing her.

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She's a nice girl ...Don't lose her ..!!

Do you want her to be "easy for sex ?_!

if you want those kind of girls..! Don't play with a good girl.

Okay we want and need sex !!BUT

1>At the "Right time "

2>With the "Right person "!

if you're a guy and hormones are "killing you "! Just go and do some thing with yourself ..! (you know what boys do ..!)

NOTE:Don't be crazy Girlfriends are not for sex (it happens but within a long time !)

NOTE2: Have respect for the Girl that you love

IF you loved her you never say "let's do it now "!

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Get over it for right now. But if she ever starts waiting for you to propose to her, just tell her you have standards. There's nothing wrong with wanting sex from a woman you're in love with. In fact, if I was married to a woman and we didn't ever have sex, that'd be a huge blow to my own self esteem.

My ex was like that in high school. I stayed with her until we broke up. She was very manipulative. Just don't ever lower your standards. You don't want to lower your standards for a woman when she might just be waiting for someone else to come along.

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Nikhar Sachdeva , Just Respect Her Feelings , answered

As you told, you don't wanna, loose her, then just respect her feelings. She might change her mind, but don't force her now. 

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If you don't want to lose her then back off on the sex.  She's told you she never wants to have sex, this may be how she feels right now, it may be an excuse to keep you at bay, it may be she wants to wait until she's older or it may be you're not the person she wants to eventually be with.

You've told her "you want sex" not very romantic is it?  Does she think you're amazing too or do you know how she really feels about you? 

I'd say if sex is what you want you're not going to be satisfied with this relationship.

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