Have I Offended Someone? If I Have I Do Not Know How I Did It.


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You want a friend?  You've got 1!  And I will send you a shout as well...and I don't offend easily♥
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Katrina Ferguson
Katrina Ferguson commented
Thanks ya I appreciate it I thought maybe I was invisible or something
Rena Chisholm
Rena Chisholm commented
I haven't come across you on the site or we would have been friends long before now. I read your bio and took an instant liking to you!
Glen Thornbury
Glen Thornbury commented
I don't care for Chevys, but you I like!
Nancy Araujo Profile
Nancy Araujo answered
Just started seeing you here, read your profile and requested I be added to your friend's list too.  I know how you feel though, I had the same feeling a few months ago when I first joined blurtit.  I can tell you for sure that it's not intentional, there are a lot of wonderful people here and it just takes a little time to build friendships.  The more active you are, the more others are drawn toward you.  Seeing what you participate in and getting a feel for your personality will peak other's interest and they'll start checking in on you. I'd bet that shortly, you'll have to work at keeping up in order to acknowledge or reply to your posts here.  It's taking some time for me because I don't usually get much time on my computer during the week, I get to join in more here on the weekends.  That means I have to try and see what's been going on, end up just going from one thing to another, questions, answers, comments, debates...could be at it for hours
and it's always fun seeing new shouts in your box.  You're already well liked, and you seem like someone I'd make friends with if we met face to face.  I've been a bit shy in asking to be friends since I started but am getting better, so my friendship request is awaiting your approval, I'd be honored if you'd agree :o)
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Nancy Araujo
Nancy Araujo commented
Wow, what did I do to deserve the BAD rating? Too bad there's no way to know who or why and if I said something wrong, maybe a comment would be nice to let me know what it is.....if not, that's cool, I'll get over it :o)
John commented
you answered the question. just kidding. i would probably get pitiful marks all the time if they could give them to me.lol.
Rena Chisholm Profile
Rena Chisholm answered
Hi lawless, since that alien nascarnut is now your friend, you're probably going to get a bunch more now.
I'll head on over to your homepage.
Happy blurting to you.
Asuka Jr. Profile
Asuka Jr. answered
Gotta agree with nomad... The first person I directly chatted with via shout box (Well, ok... The only person) I did so with because he caught one of my anime- based answers, and looked up my profile, wanted to know what I liked, and I answered... But it sounds like you'll have no problems with new friends on blurtit from now on...   (^_^)
 Have fun!
John Profile
John answered
Hey! I resemble that remark. I offend just by existing to some people and offend others  and never no why. :) you have to put a shout out there to be shouted back at. We can't read your mind or hear you over the net unless you type something.
Jacquelyn Mathis Profile
You know that you have me for a friend dear. I enjoy talking with you. You are a nice person, and are appreciated to boot.
David Mathley Profile
David Mathley answered
You have never offended me. But for some reason I have been unintentionally offending other users just by telling the truth and leaving the sugar coating off. I fell like I am dealing with a bunch of spoiled kids in adult body's on here.

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