Are You Allowed To Date Your Best Friend's Ex-boyfriend?


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It all depends, depends on how long it's been since your friend dated this guy, depends on how your friend feels about it too.
I dated one of my cousins ex once and she was perfectly ok with it. Of course, they dated for 2 ys when she was 13 and he was 17; he asked me out when I was 21 (I'm 2½ ys older than my cousin), so, it had been a while and by this time she was dating a guy she loved dearly and actually preparing her wedding.
But I didn't just jumped into it because of all this facts, inspite of all I asked her and my uncles if they wouldn't feel offended, they said there was not a problem and so I dated the guy.
Even though he is a super nice guy, we didn't last much, because I wasn't entirely comfortable with the situation.
But I can tell you that one of my cousins is now getting married to another cousin's ex (big twisted family we are LOL), but same thing, it's been so long and the one he dated first is happily married, has 2 beautiful kids.
The thing is, as big as the world is, sometimes you can't help stuff like this to happen.
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People split up for all kinds of reasons, some people are able to have a friendship with an ex and at times are very flirty with each other regardless that they know it will never work or they would still be together, right? Is your girlfriend friends with this guy, if so, what kind of friendship do they have? Do they  flirt with each other ? If they do I wouldn't go out with him. Even if she says it's okay and that  it's so over between them.  I say this  because if they do have that closeness and yous' girls  run into each other when you're with him you will  be pissed if and  when the flirting starts. If yous' all hang out together, definitely forget about him. If you decide to go out with her ex and  she gets a little twisted when she sees you with her ex she'll NEVER tell you she has a problem with it. On the other hand, it sounds like she's went out with a lot of guys, she may not give a ---- BUT there always seems to be that one guy that  we  feel a closeness with, regardless of splitting up. Your girlfriend may not want him anymore but does she want you to have him! Think about it!  
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It is pretty common belief if not sense, that one does not date a friends ex. It causes problems in most cases. Consider the feelings of your friend. There are plenty of fish in the sea. Now if you are talking about just someone you know, than that is different. However if Your friend, is a true and close friend, it is best not  to.
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It doesn't seem like a good idea especially if you both belong to the same group of friends or run into each other often. Why get involved in their sad story?  Did they just break up a week ago? Did your friend's jealousy of you caused the breakup?  What if they get together? Hopefully, my questions will help you answer your own questions.
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Quite Simply - NO! Even if the friend tries to tell you its fine... It's definitely a no go zone!
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No way ,this may cause problems between you and your friend guys come a dime a dozen BEST friends don't
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How would you feel if the shoe was on the other foot. What is it you would tell yourself. To thine own self be true. Then won't be problems.
I mean have they been exes for a long time?
I'm assuming I am older than you but as a young person and that came up we would "ask permission such as" I know you're not seeing each other any longer. Do you mind if I went out with him? 2 things happened- she'd say she didn't care or she said she would be hurt if you did. Then you decide... She is being stupid you go out with the guy and you've lost your friend. Is it worth it?
When all else fails talk with your friend she may give you her blessing or she may tell you what the guy is really like and he may be a loser.
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It depends if they have been over for a while and are totally over each other then I think yea it is okay.... But its not always like that... Also ask your friend what are her true feelings on if you were to go out with her ex and just go by her point of view
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I don't think its okay. Really how many guys are there in the world? And you have to go out with your friends ex? Its not like his going to be the "one" no one ever is, so what are the chances of your friend dating your perfect soul mate. Also if friends say its okay to date their ex's they more than likely don't really mean it, face it, seeing your ex with another girl let alone seeing her with a friend isn't really a pleasant feeling.
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How good a friend is this person? If this person is only an acquaintanceuiantance, then go for it! I don't think you should miss out on a possible "love of your life" to spare another person's feelings. It is very difficult to find a good partner, so every possibility should be explored. If this person is a good friend and you really, really like her ex, then the both of you should talk about it. Talking to your friend would be the respectful thing to dtrulyou truely believe that her ex is worth it.
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I would say that it depends on how serious their relationship was and how close of friends you are. If they were together for a few months and it wasn't that serious then I think it should be fine. You might just want to tell her that you like him or w/e because she might feel back-stabbed if she just finds out that you are together all of a sudden. If they had a serious relationship and they had a bad breakup or you know that she still has feelings for him and discusses him often then I think that it wouldn't be alright. She'll feel hurt that you did that, take it as you backstabbing her possibly, and would just put a huge strain on the friendship. In the case that you arent fully over your ex, it hurts and bothers you to know or see that he's with someone else and I could see it hurting your best friend much more if its her close friend with him. But if it wasn't serious or you know she's over him then don't really sweat it and date him
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If he is an ex then she has no claim on him . Even if she thinks so . If there is no ring or promise of marriage there is no way she can expect to you not to be allowed to date the guy you are interested in. Since she has already dated him and now he is a ex-boyfriend. It may be uncomfortable for her but that is the choice she made to either date him or not. But this will also tell you if she is still interested in him if she says anything about you dating him after you tell her that you are going to . And you will find out a lot about your friend. Just be prepared for any reactions(negative or positive) she may have to you dating this guy.
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If she'd been with him a while I'd say HELL NO! She probably doesn't want him but wont want you to have him either! That can cause problems between friends trust me!

However, it sounds like she has been with quite a few guys and can't get attached very I say go for it

Good luck!
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Well... If we go on the english you used in the formation of this question... Whether you are "allowed" to is obvious... Of course you are... Unless of course there is some new law which makes that illegal... Then you would not be allowed... My top tip... If you are going to speak a language, please do not destroy it...
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I say go 4 it and if she has dated all most every guy you know then who dose she think you r going 2 go out with(lol) but no joke if you realy lyk this guy even if it is a friend's ex  go 4 it. And if she is any kind of friend then she want get mad at u but if she dose get mad at you then talk 2 her and find out y she mad don't b sacred 2 to talk to 2 her about it. :) good luck(:
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I've learned from past situations that it is not okay. But if you and this person have a spark, maybe you could ask your friend if it would hurt her/him. I guess it would depend on the terms they broke up
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You would be breaking the code you Don't date your friends ex. That if he or she is really your friend.
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It's OK if it won't hurt your friend. Ask first and make the right decision. Now if your friend just gives you a stupid reason, why not then go for it. Good luck!!
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No, I don't think so, unless you tell your friend first. Sometimes it can really upset your friend and may come on to them in a different way. Other times the guy may be flirting with you just to make you jealous.
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Well, its really up to your friend.
You should tell them about you and their ex dating, and if they arent okay with it, is their ex really more important than your friendship?
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Well I would first ask my friend if it is ok to go out with her x! But if it makes her mad or uncomfterble then don't!
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If the ex broke your friends heart, nooooo. But if your friend didnt get hurt whatsoever, its fine. I would suggest no either way though
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If you know she still like him then no because it will probubly lead to drama but if you know she dosnt have feelings for him...GO FOR IT !!!! :)
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Weell me personally I don't think so because friends have done it to me and if your friend still has feelings for him it makes it worse it hurts and it could ruin your friendship. How would you feel if your bestfriend went out with your ex bf? Think of that and you could answer your own question. Hope it helps some what. :)

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