So there's this girl I have a crush on. Shes out of my league. We do have some things in common, we both love movies.But she is dating someone. I know that their relationship won't last long so yeah. How do I get her to like me and talk to me?


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Wait for the relationship to be over. If it does end, give it a little time, but not too much. If you see anyone else wants the girl, try to snip in a little earlier. If she wants someone else, and wait for that to wear off. (WARNING- This wearing off could take stupidly long. 1-6 years or less.) Try to be their friend for a start, and often be kind and helpful. Do not be too much of a stalker and don't say yes to everything. Carefully decide before something happens. If you both feel you are good freinds, then tell them how you really feel about them.

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