Me and my step sister both are in love with each other (I'm a girl), we hangout out everyday as she lives with me. We've never done anything, and we aren't related by DNA...I don't know what to do, and it's not just a crush. (Made a mistake on my last post)


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Michael Poland answered

Love doesn't know, gender, age, race, ect.ect.ect.

Love only knows its not a lie. If givein the chance,

it will save the world some day.

It is the one and only thing you take with you,

when you pass through the void. " All you need is love" (J.Lennon)

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Shady Stellar answered

have a seat sister! Sort out your feelings in the name of your parents!

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Yin And Yang answered

Look I am gonna bite my tongue and put my feelings for you aside and give you a heartfelt answer because you may be real. You are obviously young. This is not love. You do not know what love is. Love does not happen over night nor does it happen when you are young. True love comes from growing old with your partner. That being said what you are experiencing is a "school girl crush." It is the same kind of crush you get on your biology Teacher in high school. You spend time with the other person. You even think they are pretty. Heck you may even have dreams about them. But that is all it is at your age. A school girl crush on someone who spends time with you. You are confused. Hang in there. Someone perfect for you will come along when you are older.

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