Is It Wrong For Me To Cheat On My Boyfriend With The Person He Hates The Most?


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How old are u? I mean that's a very ( I wanna say dumb)...self-explanitory question...cheating is horrible...period...but on top of that someone he hates...why don't u break up with ur boyfriend(u obviously don't deserve him) and get with the other guy....I hope u go down the right path instead of making urself look like a little girl who doesn't know what she wants...ugh...people like u man...people like u...
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Yes it is wrong for you to cheat period. But cheating with the person he hates the most is like pushing him into the mud and just when hes about to get back up you kick him and keep kicking him. If he cheated on you im sorry do this for revenge and if he didnt cheat on you think about how you would feel if he did it to you. Ive had people cheat on me i dont ike it i would ony do it to show someone how much they hurt me.if you just like his worst enemy dump the bf get with his enemy just dont expect to be freids
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Aly Kate
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Even if her bf did cheat on her she still shouldn't cheat on him! Idc if she wants 2 get even! If he cheated on her she can break up w/him or w.e but she should NOT cheat on him 2 get him back 4 what he did 2 her!
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Most definately. Why would you want to do this to him.
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YES! Dont do it.
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DUH... Its wrong to cheat period let along with someone he hates... IF YOU THINK ITS GOING TO HELP YOU BY CHEATING BE MY GUEST BUT HE WILL LEAVE YOU!!!
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<<definitely... In the first place, cheating alone on your bf is wrong... What more if its with the person he hates the most... >>
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Umm... Yeah its wrong the cheat on your boyfriend in general. But thats really low to do it with some one he hates why don't you just break up with him!
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Only if u get caught and in that case say you tripped and fell then landed on his u know what
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Are u fing serious if u date both u will hurt sum1 and i hope it u who gets hurt u cheating cow!
Mgh and lp
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Which one do you like better?
You'll end up hurting someone if you date both!!! DON'T DO IT!
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Girl, it's wrong 4 u 2 cheat on ur bf w/any1! Would u want him 2 b unfaithful 2 u? Idts! So u best b faithful 2 him!
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Erm yes thats very very wrong you shouldn't cheat on anyone like ever it's emna and makes them feel like awful so don't cheat (:
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Is this a joke or something? Or are you just that uhmm dumb? Who likes someone that asks stupid questions on the internet? Not me so do yourself a favor and shutup troll.

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