Do You Believe Your Parents Should Be Your Friends?


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No a friend is not your parent.  But a parent is someone who can give you  advice and constructive comments. Friends come and go parents are for life.
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These are my thoughts, too, but my mother, Gawd rest her soul, was one of my closest and very best friends, once I became an adult.

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Yes, your parents can be your friend, someone there to help you along.
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Yeah, they must be.
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Depends on how old you are, if you are a small child growing up then
your parents should be just that your parents.

Then when you are all
grown up and out on your own, they can be your friend to a certain point
however they will always be your parents.

Trust me when you wake up 50
years old they will still give you their opinion and try to get you to
do what they want you to do. So the moral to the story is find someone
else besides your parents to be friends with.

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Yes I do. For children to open up to parents, they should be like friends
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Yes...for they are first people who will leave you when you are at your downest moment aside from your other friend. "Blood is thicker than water."

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