What Do You Do If Your Friend Is Being Mean?


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Tell your friend how you feel and that she should probably stop acting this way.
If she continues to be a bitch and even gets mad at you for saying that then she isn't a good friend and you need to choose someone else.
I'm sorry babe but its true...
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I have a friend right now who's like that. I'm ignoring her. Thats the best I can say. Let them get it out of their system but, I can say I don't want to be friends with her anymore. Shes a drama bitch.
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I have a friend who is being a bitch. Whenever I try to talk about my problems (we usually only talk about her problems...) she always says something that make her situation seem worse. I want to smack her. She has depression, and I feel bad for her and all, and I want to listen to her vent, but that's ALL SHE TALKS ABOUT. Today was her bitchiest day, so now I'm ignoring her until she apologizes. Or, you can try and be a bitch back.
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1.if your friend doesnt want 2 listen 2 it or doesnt care then its not worth it eventually ppl will notice shes/hes a mean person. She/he will find out you r a good friend when your the 1 being nice 2 her/him when shes/hes being mean 2 you.(if your being nice when shes/hes being mean she/he can't really say anything because your not doin anythin 2 him/her)

2.try telling the person if she/he really cares he/she will stop
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It's something we all go through. Heck, I've got three friends who, at this moment, are not talking to each other and acting like complete bitches. So, they'll get over it. It's probably something to do with their work or something. Plus, you can also be a bitch back and maybe that'll knock some sense into em.
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Then you need to tell your friend, how you are feeling toward her.
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I'm not sure she never listens to me, and she is not as smart as me so when I say a "big word" she just stares at me blankly!

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