When a guy says they want to be friends with a girl, what do they really mean? What if they never talk to you again? Than they are not really your friends, right?


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Ray Ottewell answered
When a guy says he just wants to be friends, what he is really saying is that he wants to play the field. In other words he wants the best of both worlds, its just a sign of immaturity
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Arthur Wright answered
Sometimes whyen aguy says this hes really saying that not to hurt anyone  so in essence hes saying that hes just not all that interested in you as a GF or anything more, and is evident when he doesnt talk to you anymore so again, his actions speak so much louder than he could ever say
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It means he was interested in you but realized your not the one for him or he's moved on to "greener pastures"- other girls. That's when they give the "lets just be friends" line. It's a "douchey" thing to do but it happens a lot.

So yeah, If they never do call I would say it's safe to say they are not your true friend. They simply were trying to get what they wanted out of you and once they found out it's not going to happen they abandoned ship.
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Titus agore answered
Yea but women use that line also, when its used on me I say something like If I can't have you the way I want you then I don't want you at all that line also gos boths ways

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