If A Person Is Ignoring You, And Then You Ignore Him/her Back, Will This Get His/her Attention?


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This depends on a few things. First of all, why is this person ignoring you in the first place? If it is because you drive him or her up the wall and they want nothing to do with you, then they will probably be grateful that you are ignoring them.

Even if they are ignoring you because they never want to speak to you ever again, you ignoring them may still get their attention, and if you have rattled them enough, it could even escalate into a row because now issues of one-upmanship could come into play.

If the reason that they are ignoring you is because they like you (reverse psychology and all that) then you already have this person’s attention, so it really doesn’t matter how you react because you are going to get noticed. On the other hand, they may be playing hard to get, so if you ignore them, you may get attention but it could backfire because you are not playing the game according to their rules (even though you have no idea what those rules may be).

The whole thing about this scenario is that it is playing games. Nobody knows what one person is thinking, or what the other person wants. It would appear to be some obscure mating ritual, that you often see birds and other animals performing, though in these instances, the birds and the animals know exactly what the outcome will be. In this case, you have no idea and so it has the potential to go horribly wrong. An alternative would be just to speak to the person involved, and see find out what’s what. Unless you like playing charades, of course.
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If they are ignoring you right from the start, and they know you like them, I would cut my losses and move on if you want to retain a shred of self-respect. Trying to play mind games with someone who is very evidently not interested in you will only end up with you being very miserable, because you are the only one who cares. Yes, ignore them, but mean it, don't just do it as a game. And if they are only playing games themselves, why do you want to carry on liking them? Masochism? Move on and forget them, they/he/she is not interested in you and if they are, they are showing it in a very perverse manner. And likely to carry on like that in future, if you were to become friends. So protect yourself, and write it off to experience.
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The fact that a person ignoring you can mean two things. First, s/he doesn't really like you at all. And if you start ignoring them too, they wouldn't even notice it (they wouldn't even notice that you're gone). Second, it could also mean that s/he also likes you, but they're just too shy to admit it. So if you ignore them, they could get paranoid and worried.

Think about the situation first and decide whether there is really a need for you to ignore them (that means, if you could get something from ignoring them).
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It's twisted that anyone, especially in today's constantly-connected society, would think that it is in any way acceptable or appropriate to unexpectedly and completely cut someone off.  Muster up the strength to at least say you're not interested in someone else and just say that you'd rather not contact the person.  Don't just trail off - it's juvenile and in bad taste.
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This is EXACTLY what I'm going through right now, and it's not that much fun, truthfully :( Leaves me confused. We started off pretty well, attracted to each other and all, had great conversations almost every single day and then suddenly he just stopped talking to me and I'm like, "Whaaa...? HUH?" I don't know if it was anything I said...? Or anything I did...? But I thought I haven't done or said any major terrible things, so I'm really confused. It's so hard to understand this man. He can be very elusive, but most of the time, he's truthful. I want to say something to him, but at the same time I don't (which explains why I'm also ignoring him back right now. We haven't spoken for days now, haha). So I'm just very much confused :( No fun at all.
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Exactly the same has happened to me with a girl :/ don't really know what to do :/ don't want to lose what we had :/
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If a person ignores you, that means that person is not interested.  If you also ignore him/her, I doubt if he/she will even notice if he/she doesn't look at you.  Let us say there is somebody you do not fancy who calls you after a month and apologize for not having called for a month because he was on vacation.  You would feel like responding, "You were away for a month? I hardly noticed that."  You will not voice that.  But what a waste of time.
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Well considering the other person is ignoring you to begin with, would they even notice that you start ignoring them? I'm thinkin no, cause they are paying no attention to weather or not your ignoring them or any other aspect of your life.
If you like someone, the way to hangot out w them is not by ignoring them or putting gum in their hair- just talk to em.
Or you could ignore my answer and that would mean you like me, right?
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Personally, I experienced ignoring someone I really liked. He was a friend I got close with that we really had the same vibes. I knew I liked him but our constant texts/chats/conversations were just up to there. It's not going anywhere. And we both didn't want it to go anywhere. I realized that I really liked him. But it was just not right because both of us are in a relationship.

I know I love my partner and he clearly mentioned that he loves his partner too. So one day, I decided not to message him or reply to his messages (his messages didn't need a reply though). It wasn't because I didn't like him or I wanted to get his attention. It was because I didn't want to have the obligation to constantly reply to his messages. And I didn't want to entertain the thought that might have me going from "like" to "falling in love." A month went on. He didn't message again too. It was a good decision because I got to chat more with the one I am with. 

One day, he sent me a message and I replied with just the necessary answer. We still message each other now, but not everyday or every week. Just checking to say "hi" and nothing more... Not like before that we message from day to night and even dawn, everyday. We still send each other messages once in a while. But not that constant and the convo is not that long. He's still a close friend. And I want to maintain that friendship.

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