If somebody starts to ignore you, and you get really hurt and annoyed about it, could it mean that you have developed feelings for them?


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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

Theres a pretty good chance that yes you've developed feelings for them or it may just that you let people get to you really easy or in other words you easily get offended by others

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Adila Adila
Adila Adila commented
But...I'm not easily offended. And...well I just feel like betrayed. Why talk to me a lot and then suddenly stop? I feel really hurt. I don't feel hurt normally...I'd just walk away from them..
Arthur Wright
Arthur Wright commented
then chances are you really think very highly of this person as a good friend especially if youre feeling betrayed
Adila Adila
Adila Adila commented
Oh...well thank you. I wish I could focus in uni better and just forget about people 8( so hard though.

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