If a guy likes you, tells friend to ask you out for him you say probably yes but his friend asks lot of times you say can you stop bothering me now you notice guy is ignoring for a week you tried talking to him but he still ignores you, what should I do? Ignore him or?


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RIK RZ Profile
RIK RZ answered

Ignore him.

If he is ignoring you for no reason then you should also ignore him.

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Matt Radiance answered

Ignore him & you shouldn't even try to talk to him, he's the one who went to ask you out you shouldn't follow it in return when he's ignoring.

He has so many lessons to learn.

1. He's not even brave enough to ask you himself.

2. He doesn't even know how someone specially a man for woman need to be on time & promising.

3. He's ignorant & yet not learnt how to respect a women.

He doesn't deserve you nor worth your time.

Benjamin Coleman Profile

Ignore him. You don't need that sort of person around :)

Cookie Roma Profile
Cookie Roma answered

Based on the above description, you should forget about it.  I mean this sounds so "elementary school." 

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