How Do You Talk To A Guy Who You Don't Know His Name, But You Have Seen Him Before, And He Is Very Hot. I Want To Ask Him Out But I Am More The Shy Type. Any Suggestions?


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Pat Ales answered
Since you don't know his name see if he hangs out with someone you know and find out his name. Then with his name or not, you can always write him an honest letter telling him you've seen him around school and you think he;s really cool looking ( don;t say'll go right to his head) and would like to meet him sometime after school,  Now you decide whether to sign it from "A Little Shy" , a "Secret Admirer"..or just your first name. ... 2nd decision...stick the note in his locker  or give it to a friend to hand it to him..or take a deeo breath and give it to him yourself... Good luck
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Well at first you should rush things, get to know him and start hanging out with him out side of school and talk or hang out at lunch. Or just tell him your name
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I would try to get to know him first. I was the shy type too. At least until I entered high school (just nine months ago!) It my be a little tough if you are or get nervous around the guy. But once you start to get to know him it becomes easier. I have had friends who are guys so I should know. I'm still trying to find the right guy too so don't worry. It's not like you're the only one out there.

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