You Like Your Very Best Guy Friend, But You Don't Know If You Want To Give Up Your Friendship, But A Girl Is Quickly Moving In On Him. What Are You Supposed To Do?


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Sometimes, the best relationship between two people atart out as a real good friendship. You need to sit down by yourself and decide if you want this relationship or if you are simply jeolous that another woman is falling for him. How does he feel about this other woman? that is a true test of your friendship regardless if you like her or not. If they fall for each other then be happy for him. You could have a win/win if you decide to fall for his buddy and keep him as a good friend too. You might even end up liking this other woman in the process.
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Well first find out if he likes you if he does he will sometimes pretend he hates you he will talk alot about his friends and stuff and he will make jokes an if he does that tell him look i know were friends but i have had a crush on you i know its weird but i wanted to see what you think just trust me i know alot about this stuff
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Okay I need help me and my friend dilan are like best friends he tells me everything and we always flirt and everyone even his friends say we shud go out but whenever they say that he just gets all quiet and I like him a lot but I don't know if he likes me too and we r always getting in trouble at school for tlking and he's always grabbing my butt and stuff so does he like me or what?
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I know what your going though I'm going through the same thing right now. I'v known my guy bff crush since I was 2! But it sounds weird but I wont crush on anyone else but him , since I've started lik-eing him. All I can tell you is that you need to keep strong. ANd try to ignor him and see what he does if he truly cares if you act like somthing is wrong for a few weeks he might ask whats wrong and if he likes you that is a good sign.
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Your supposed to tell him,, you really should,, just say I like you but I really don't want to risk the great friendship that we have
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Make a move, girl. If you like your best friend, go for it. If you don't, tell him no, but warn him about the girl. Plus,if he says no, you can ask that other boy you like. Sound good?
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Uh, yes. He definitely likes you, guest. I am about 99.9999% sure about that, just based on what you just said
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I should tell him That I like our friendship to be kept as long As I do not call Rorri Peaton he can become my best friend and he leaves today so do not call him
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Looks like you are falling for your guy friend, but before you decide whether you want to let him know of your attraction to him, you have another dicision to make. You have to dicide if you like your guy friend or his other friend better. That means, first of all, you have to choose between the two guys.

If you think you like your guy friend more than this other friend of his, then I think your friendship is already at stake. Once you are attracted to someone in a non platonic way, I do not believe you can be 'just friends". Imagine you do realize that you like him as something more than a friend, but you fail to tell him and he gets together with the other girl, that you do not like. In that case, will you be able to maintain your friendship with him? I do not think so. Even if you do stay friends with him, it is going to be a very uncomfortable relationship.

The best thing to do would be to first of all dicide which guy do you like more and which one would you like not get together with. If it is the other friend, then you are safe and you have nothing to lose. But if you dicide you like your friend, I would advise you to let him know before the other girl gets him. Either he likes you back and you will have him, or he is not interested and you will lose him. You will lose him anyways, even if you do not tell him. So you really don't have anything to lose by letting him know. Go ahead and spill the beans to him.

Good luck

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