What to do if you know your crush also has a crush on you but his friend is stopping him from making a move because he himself likes you? ;-;


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Michael Poland Profile
Michael Poland answered

Right now your just browsing thru time.

Choose the things that will mean the most,

and last the longest. I had fun writing this one

years ago and it is so true for today and tomarroww.

Janis Haskell Profile
Janis Haskell answered

If he's really attracted to you, nobody will be able to stop him from reaching out.

star gazing Profile
star gazing answered

Super childish behavior coming from his friend. But don’t accuse him of anything, he might just turn it around and make it look like you’re the crazy one. Instead, if you already know that your crush likes you, get closer to him and you ask him out, or at least give him hints that you like him back. The safest thing to do is ask him out though, because I’m just thinking about all the stuff his “friend” could say to keep you apart.

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