What is wrong with being a single girl?


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Nothing its just different
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savannah seymour
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So you did get dumped huh. Sorry :(
Maxine Chan
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No i did not lol i am just wondering what is wrong with being single since my friend never has been single. She is always with her boyfriend. She dumps a guy and moves onto a different guy.
savannah seymour
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My bad. I was talkin to lil timmy up there lol. He asked if anyone in maryland wanted to do him and i asked why he was so desperate. Not you :) anyway.. Like i said before, she doesnt want to be alone, so she runs from her problems
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Oh dear, there're absolutely nothing wrong.

I've been single for 24 years and I find it so easy to do anything. I feel dependent, free and decisive :>

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There is nothing wrong with it! I am on the same page as you if you know what I mean. Just give it time and soon you will find true love! Good Luck. K.I.T

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