Why do guys like short girls? What is wrong with tall girls?


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Short girls rock, a man can feel more powerful with her, better able to take care of and protect her.  It sounds old fashioned but most guys love to know they can be a man and when your woman towers over you that line gets a little blurry.
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John Thomsen
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Lol, this is true and girls seem to be getting taller. Odd huh?
Maxine Chan
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Haha why are guys getting shorter?
John Thomsen
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Not all guys are, I mean look at football players for example, 20 years ago a lineman was lucky to be 6 foot ish and about 250 pounds, now that is a quarterback and the lineman are nearing 7 feet and more than 300 pounds in many cases. Steroid laced meats and other poisons are giving us growth advantages but also killing us at the same time.
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It's in men's genes to want to protect their girlfriend or wife, so whenever they are smaller than you it seems more realistic to them.
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As we get older the idea of the "little girl" goes way for most males and then it becomes one of whom we like best. My wife is about 2 inches shorter than I am, but with heels she is a bit taller.  She like it that way, though when she was growing up it bugger her.  So there is nothing wrong with tall girls and if fact I probably wouldn't have married my wife if she hadn't been as  tall as she is.
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They want to protect you and subconsciously that attracts men, its evolutionary. Men like to feel "in charge" or dominant that's why we like shorter women.most guys don't want to date girls that are taller than them, it's a psychological thing and cause they're cute and I like my guys taller than me anyway. Lol btw I'm 5,5 bfs 5,11
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Not all men feel that way, but some may have a complex about their own height, and having a woman taller than them might make them feel antiquit
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Well I am 6ft 2 so I don't really see many girls that are taller than me but I would not have any troble with it if they where because if you love her the hight so not matter because its the person you love not how small our big she is
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Not all guys prefer short girls but I've noticed a lot like that because they look more petite and innocent. Plus it makes them feel like they can protect them. But some guys like taller girls.

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Guys don't like to be with tall girls because it makes them feel awkward having someone who is taller than them. They prefer to be taller than the girl. It's just their preference.
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For the record, I'm almost 14 and I'm 4,9 my friend is really tall, like 5,7 and every guy loves her. Not all guys do, just some. Don't worry about it :)

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