Why do guys like to insult girls?


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When it comes to guys they are a little stupid because this is usually the technique they use to get to know a young lady they may be interested in.  This is what Adrian told me.  Not a great way to get a young lady to like a young man.  They kind of fumble.
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Some guys do it because they don't know how to treat a woman. When I do it it's because I have a familial feeling with them, but I don't cross certain boundaries and make sure it's something we can both laugh at. It also helps that I make jokes about myself and go off on tangents from time to time that way she understands that she and I are equals.
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Maxine Chan
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Oh, ok haha he told me before joking he is gay lol.
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Oh I don't know much about gays so can't help you on that one.
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Well when some one likes you they don't know how to explain that they like you so they be mean to you or they are just jealous of you

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