What Are The Things That Guys Love And Look For In A Girls Personality? Be Honest Guys..


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It varies from guy to guy.
Ive seen guys who like very aggressive girls and guys who like girl to be polite quite and preserved.

It all depends really, but most guys go for a pretty face and a nice body and if they have that will put up with a bad personality. Because people tend to be very fickle.

But I myself like gentle and modest girls who are not easily persuaded and I really love creativity in a girl.
A girl can tell me she is a writer or and artist and it really knocks me out. Lol

hope that helps.
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Starma Scorpio
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I like it when people say "it really knocks me out" :) It reminds me of Holden Caufield in Catcher in the Rye (one of my all time favorite books.)
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Honesty, intelligence, morals. Want to land and keep a man or boyfriend? Play hard to get. Have high morals. Men respect that. If a guy leaves because you say no, you did not want him in the first place.
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Everyone's different, you have to remember that. But, generally, girls that are intelligent, kind, cool, talkative are really, in my experience, what guys look for.
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I am a girl, but I know a few things by talking to boys.  I know that they don't always look for the prettiest face in the world, or the most perfect body, they go more for intellectual stuff meaning how you think.  I also notice that guys go for girls that have good morals (good intentions) in the world.   Hope this helps
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Girls that are not easy! Be hard to get or easy to forget! Guys like for their girl to be some what modest and a lady. They don't like girls that crawl all over guys or act like the biggest tramp in town. Be hard to get or easy to forget!!
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Great quest .. To me I love the innocent girl .. Who is always shy and  ... I don't like Evil girls who always wana make troubles .. I don't like gurls who are always interested of havin boyfriends .. I only like the soft gurl  ..and you can add smart girls .. I don't like talkative girls who always talk like a radio .. Iike what I said I like shy girls
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I am a shy girl and I am soft too and I am smart too just a little bit not that much
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Girls that are intelligent, polite and kind to others - and not aggressive, rude or confrontational.
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Look good and keep in shape firstly. Then have a beautiful mind to match your frame. Be very careful not to have a squeaky voice when talking on the phone for it's a turn off. Even if your voice is ok do not speak non sense or bitch about things ! Lemme reiterate on the proportion thing...do not become fat at the expense of inner beauty. You have to cultivate both physical beauty and mind or it's worthless to even look at you. The reverse is also detestable. A girl's personality is pretty much attached to her frame. So work out and yoga or something is what I recommend !
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I met this girl went to school with her for awhile a few years ago she wasn't squeamish not afraid of bugs, reptiles, amphibians, or anything else to my knowledge,(she didn't mind touching spiders). She was friendly not imposing she was a gymnast witch made me look up to her (haha gymnasts jump) she was not timid but not outspoken I still cannot get Victoria out of my head but my advise is be yourself if you try to change yourself that's fine as long as it is permanent witch is hard to do my mother would not marry my father because he smoked and was not a christian but he changed. He doesn't smoke and he's a christian and a deacon in our church most importantly only date someone who is has the same beliefs as you or you will fight.
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I'm a girl but from my experience they just want you for sex!  They just want a nice pu**y and some nice t*ts to stick their f****** di*k in!
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I'm a girl but I asked a guy this and he said ''A girl who ain't afarid to be herself and will stay with me no matter what.''
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Girls that don't bring a whole lot of drama, they must respect themselves and the ones That they are in a relationship with. But Not only that, you can't be expecting a Guy to Accept how you talk to them and not expect them to dish it out. If You talk crap to them, Because you like it, and it turns you on and you know that it does, then that is what You Will get from them. Real Talk.
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Nothing much, all guys need girls, but you must understand that nice body building is also attractive, to me, I like girls with nice body not only for sex but at least to be able to move about with her confidently, and guys don't like sensible and aggressive girls some times,
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As for myself I look for personality traits and hobbies that match myself. I want to be able to be able to spend time with the girl I like and not just like one or two things about her. I am not saying that she has to match me completely, but I find it a lot easier to date someone who has the same likes and dislikes as me.But it's different for everyone. Some people look for looks and others look for personality.
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Some guys want to use the girls, but some like to play it low and really get to know them. Most guys want looks rather than personality.   Good luck! <3
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One quality I hardly look for in a girl and that is sensible.  After that she should be beautiful.
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Guys vary, I personally like girls who are intelligent, emotional, stable and committed in a relationship. Someone who can believe in her guy no matter what. Someone not too money conscious what I mean is mad about money and some one independent.
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Iam a girl.. A boy looks brain in a girl more then beauty..they see how mature a girl is, and how she handles the situation..nowadays beauty is common even if a girl is beautiful the credit will go to make up or something else...
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I'm a boy I look for hot bodys big boobs blonde hair and big buts
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DUMB *** this is why girls think guys are players and just want sex becouse of perverted Pieces of ***** like you !

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