If Your Boyfriend Abuses You Should You Break It Off With Him?


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No one ever ever ever has the right to lay a hand on you. I have been there. He says he is sorry. Then he might be good for a bit, then it always goes right back to it. A man should never hit a woman, it makes him really a coward, he has to beat up on someone smaller/weaker then himself to feel important. Get out! There are women's shelters if you don't have family or friends you can stay with. I know this is not the answer you wanted to hear, you want to think it will change, go back to the way it use to be. I am sorry to say it will not. It never does. Yes, it will hurt, and the nights at first are the hardest, but you can get through them. There are men out there who do not abuse their women, trust me I found one. However, if I would have stayed in the abusive relationship I would not have the happiness I have today. Yes, you may have good times now, but you can not trust him, he is not your protector as a man should be. After you leave the situation you will be Leary of men, have a slight complex so to speak, flinch with sudden movements, but with time it will pass. Take it one moment second, minute, hour at a time. It will get easier. You must love yourself enough to leave. Do you want to live your life on eggshells-never knowing when he will explode. Or would you like to be happy, and yes you will over time be happy without him. He will kill your self esteem to make you dependent on him. You will feel worthless and that no one will love you, that you are just not good enough. Do not believe these lies he tells you. At first he wont come right out and say these things it will come in shrude, little remarks. Please I hate to see anyone experience what I suffered. There is so much more to life, someone will love you for you. If a man tries to change you he doesn't love you for you. If a man hits you he does not really love you. Love yourself and leave. Do not get pregnant he may try that too. Also, if you decide to leave have a friend with you. These type of men can be scary. These are the type of men that can kill, if angered to a boiling point. Some "black out" regardless BE CAREFUL. If you need someone to share or talk to or even need a place to run to let me know. I know I do not know you, but I will help you in any means that I am able to. You can do this get out of the situation.
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I know you are probably asking this question because you know the answer. I figured you are probably tryna get responses from others to compare to yours. If a man is pounding and beating the heck out of someone, then they need to seek help, maybe call the police if the problem continues, or better yet! LEAVE HIM IMMEDIATELY. He couldn't possibly love the victim because if he did he wouldn't be doing this unless she has did something to almost kill him. I'm a man and if i get where i have to hit a woman, then I'm leaving her because i have gotten to to the point where she is getting on my nerves and i have gotten to the point where i hate her. So the victim needs to leave him because they don't deserve DAT. It's always that b.s. Excuse that they are going through a lot and pressure, but i have things on my mind and i know quite a bit of men who goes through pressure but they don't kick their women butts! So that's just an excuse and that person is gullible if they believe him. Leaving him is the best option. Be careful because some men have this thing where they don't like to lose and if they can't have you nobody will (stalkers or possessors). You may need to put a restraining order on them. Pray on this. Good luck
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You gotta get out of there. If there isn't that respect, why would you wanna be with them? I have been in an abusive relationship before, its no fun. You never know whats next. You love them, you want things to be better- Lemmie tell ya, it AIN"T gonna happen. He has issues deep inside that you can't solve. He has to go there, admit to himself that there even IS a problem, and figure out that it's his and that you are not to blame. He's taking his frustrations out on you. If he's hit you once, bet he'll do it again. It's not going to level out, or cure itself. YOU have to love YOU enough to end the cycle. Get out before it goes too far... Easy for me to say, but I've been there... And deep, too. It isn't easy to do, I know- but it isn't right to stay involved. You know it too- you just hafta make the call.. Good luck, I will keep my fingers crossed for you, but you gotta see it before its too late.
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Lemmie know how it goes, if you need an ear, a shoulder, advice, whatever- I been there, done that- he burned the tee shirt...
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I'm glad to know you were able to get out. I know it happens all the time, but I have trouble understanding why women stay with abusive partners. At least you were smart. I hope things are better for you now.
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Yeah, it got pretty crazy for a minit. Co dependency at it's finest. I learned afew lessons, it (sad to say) made me a better person.(I mean it's sad thatit happened the way it did) I'm not sure what ever happened to him, I'm sure no good. Happy day- every day now!
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Think about it does he really like you!!!
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Yes. It is never ok to be hurt. If love hurts, then someone really mixed him up because abuse is not love.

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