Is it bad if your boyfriend wants you to sext him but you don't want to?


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Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
There comes a point in everyones life when you must make a stance and let no one force you to do something you dont want to like this or he/she is no friend if they dont respect your feelings
Betty Cheng Profile
Betty Cheng answered
Not a bad thing if you say no. It's just a male hormonal feeling of desire. But if you are uncomfortable and not willing to submit to your bf then it's ok. It's alright to do as you wish. You don't have to do what others want you to do. So if he persist on doing this to you and you grow to hate it then lose him. He's not worth your time because he can't respect you or your body. Be a good girl and know what you want. Good luck.
Moo C. Profile
Moo C. answered
Yes because sexting really doesn't have much to it but at the same time you should ask him what the point of it is and why you need it just to prove that you guys are "in love"
Emma Waite Profile
Emma Waite answered
Hey, you guys should do that in person NOT on a phone because if u two break up then he might want revenge and send it to people but its ur decision...
Hannah Davis Profile
Hannah Davis answered
It's not bad. It's normal. Becuase theres the off chance you'll get caught. Your parents could be looking at your phone, and see the messages, or he could show his friends, what you sent or said, and rumors could spread. And if it makes you uncomfortable, then don't. Don't do it just to make HIM happy. You tell him that you make your own decisions, it's your life, not his. If he doesn't understand, then it turns out he's just a perv who wants only sex and doesn't care about you. Good luck with it.
carmie densing Profile
carmie densing answered
Not bad, if he loves you heshould respect you
Jean Davis Profile
Jean Davis answered
Don't let anyone degrade you or force you to do anything against your will. You may live to regret it especially if one day he no longer wants to be with you and share the texts with everyone or puts them online. Think before you do anything.
Christina Dempsey Profile
Dont let a male force you into doing anything you dont want to do, it sets the path for many struggles in the future. Be comfortable with who you are and dont so comb to peer pressure!

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