What would you do if you don't like someone but they like you with all their heart? Would you tell him? (I don't want to hurt him) Would you rather not tell him? (I'm playing with his feelings)


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angie zhang answered

Hey there , firstly this I have to point out is a confusing
situation , he likes you a lot while you don’t have feelings for him in that
way . Sometimes its hard to be straight forward about your feelings due to not
wanting to hurt someones feelings especially in these kinda situations, but
honestly if you are going to play with his feelings hes gonna be confused about
whether you like him or not and this is going to make him more attached /closer to you
, if you guys are close friends it would be good if you guys can go in private
and for you to express your feelings and maybe tell him how you feel about him like
not liking him in that way , its not your fault you don’t like him in that way
but its easier to tell him without having to pretend and be nice and try to
give out tiny hints that you don’t , not many guys can detect a girls subtle actions
and what they mean . So firstly  even
though they may love you with all they heart , its easier to straightforwardly
tell him then to take your time with trying to get him to stop liking you , but
try talking to him about your feelings and his feelings and try to work it out
by maybe telling him , that you like him just not in that way , it will be
easier on both of you guys :)

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Tannis Mitchell answered

You shouldn't play with his feeling's, it isn't right. It give's you a bad image and other boy's won't want to date you, because they knew what you did to that boy. They'll that you play with boy's feeling's and that ain't good.

Tell him the truth, say that you don't have any feeling's toward's him, and a sorry at the end. Better to admit that you don't have any feeling's, than to hurt him. But who know's, he might move on even before you apologize, and find some other girl to crush on.

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