If you had a miscarriage before you told him you were pregnant, do you still tell him? Would you want to know?


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Jann Nikka answered

Maybe...  But.... Husband yes, boyfriend maybe, casual sex, probably not. 

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Thankfully not something I've ever had to endure, but since you asked....a marriage is a partnership, a viable pregnancy is a shared experience...and when an unexpected and unfortunate miscarriage happens, I believe it should also be shared...he helped create the pregnancy and I think he should know what's happened so you can help each other through. Don't try to bear that information yourself, not fair to yourself or to him.

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There's np definitive answer to that one. It depends totally on the man and your relationship with him. (No, I don't mean whether or not you're married to him but whether that's the sort of intimacy you can normally share.)

We almost lost a child at birth so I understand the trauma of a miscarriage. Not all men do. Perhaps not all women do if they haven't had the experience. I'd want to be told because I'd want to be there for you.

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Yes. I'd tell him about both.

Transparency and honesty are always a positive thing in relationships. Besides I personally would not want to go through that without my partner. Even if it was after the fact. I'd need him for the love and support.

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if my mum hadn't miscarried 6 months along, i wouldn't be here right now. My mum fell pregnant again with me shortly after the misscarridge.

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If you at all involved beyond casual sex, I can't imagine him not wanting to know.

If this is a long term relationship, this is something that, tragic as it may be, a reality that you must share with him.

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