If You Were Ill Would You Want To Know When You Were Going To Die?


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Merlin Paine answered
Yes I would...So I could do all I could to help those left behind I.E. My love ones.....This is obviously one of the toughest things for doctors to do but they know it is crueler to not tell someone the truth...They know they must tell patients the truth in order to allow them to do or say all that  they can and wish to do before they die.
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Deemarcas Day answered
Yes, I would. However, I have already been told I had from 6 to no longer than 18 months to live and that was 23 years ago.  So Doctors play God, but they are not God. Having been down this road, I would still want to know, cause medicine has improved greatly over these past 23 years. I would squeeze in everything I could, and that might heal me, who knows?
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with no pain.

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