How Can My 8 Year Old Son Lose Weight?


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First a 8 year old does not need to be worrying about their weight(in most case they need the weight because they are growing like a weed),second they need to talk to a doctor and nutritionist before starting to try and lose weight,third if the child is that overweight they probably have a medical problem or their parents are not taking care of them and seeing that they eat the right foods in moderation and have/get some exercise(are staying active).at least this is what is showed on tv,the doctors,dr. Phil. All these self help my opinion they are mostly is bad eating habits,lack of exercise or a medical problem that cause obese kids.
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Absolutely, barring any medical problems, it's a parents responsibility to provide their child with a nutritional diet and exercise. Keep the junk food out of the house, 3 regulated squares a day, fruit as snacks. Get outside! Swim, soccer, catch, whatever. Time the video play time.
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Proper eating, good healthy foods, not junk foods, they are o.k. On occasion, but not all the time, and fast food is also a junk food. They are loaded with extra fats, and carbs, many unhealthy things.
Nomad is right about seeing a dietitian, and the childs doctor. This is the best way to set up a long term lifestyle to help keep your child healthy, if indeed there is a reason to place your child on a diet, or diet and exercise. Hope this helps you out.

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