What's an easy way to let your Girl friend know you not Comfortable with a guy she talks to. I don't want to be controlling and I know she is loyal. I Feel like he is trying to make moves on my Girl. I don't like it?


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Just say he babe i dont mean to be mean but im not really comfortable with so and so can u please not text/talk to him as much and see if that works and i think its sweet that u care that much about her
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John Doe
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I mean they have only been talking for a little bit. And he lives out of state but comes up to visit a lot.not her one of her friends. But he always wants to hang with her. I mean my gf is cool but... He doesn't seem to want to really meet me. So that's weird. Im not a Mean looking person. I lift weights but im not SCARY huge. Makes me wonder about him. Should i give it more time or just say something.
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Honesty is the best policy. Just tell her exactly what u jst stated... U dnt wana be controlling but it seems like he is makin passes towards you and im jst not comfortable with it
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Say something off the record to him when shes not around
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Just tell her how you feel .  Don't let this fester inside of you .  If she cares for you, she will stop communicating with this guy .

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